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Robot software for automatically downloading account statements and bank transactions

         Replaces repetitive user actions to download account statements, check the latest bank transactions and available balances.

It can keep in touch with online banking programs for minimal use of customer codes, usernames, passwords, and token-generated pin codes.


  • All facilities available for a month


12 / month
  • All the facilities available for a computer

Frequent questions

Bancomatic is a software robot for automatically downloading bank statements and bank transactions from online banking programs.

Bancomatic addresses companies that have accounts with multiple banks and / or have high-frequency receipts and software developers for integrating with online banking programs.

    Bancomatic has a simple interface and presents the benefits of a software robot.
    Reduces interaction time with online banking programs that have different interfaces from bank to bank.
    Replaces the employee performing repetitive actions for downloading bank statements and bank transactions.

Banca Transilvania -  BT24
BCR - George, Click 24 Banking
BRD - Office
Raiffeisen Bank
Unicredit Bank
First Bank

Patria Bank
Credit Europe Bank

Idea Bank
Banca Feroviara

Libra Bank
Bank Leumi
SanPaolo IMI Bank (Intesa)
OTP Bank

Other online banking programs may also be added on request

For any chosen tariff plan you have a calendar month in which you can use Bancomatic for free.
Before the test period expires, choose one of the pricing plans that fit you and you will receive an proforma invoice by email, after you have paid into your completed account in the proforma invoice, you will receive the appropriate tax invoice by email.



For live demo, technical support, personalized presentation and quote or additional information contact us by completing the details below or by phone at +400744 476 969