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        Bancomatic is a software robot for automatically downloading bank statements and bank transactions and archiving account statements.

        Bancomatic addresses commercial companies that have accounts with multiple banks and / or have a high frequency of collections they want to manage in real time and developers of accounting software to integrate with online banking programs.

  1. FUNCTIONALITY- replaces repetitive user actions to download account statements, check the latest bank transactions and available balances. It can keep in touch with online banking programs for minimal use of customer codes, usernames, passwords, and token-generated pin codes. It archives downloaded account excerpts for their simple management.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLY - a single simple and intuitive interface for managing accounts from multiple banks and for setting up the software robot mode.
  3. SECURITY - client codes, usernames, and online banking passwords can be stored by Bankcomatic in encrypted form or can be entered at the time of initial logon into the online banking program.
  4. FLEXIBILITY - allows operation in three modes: user commanded mode, automated mode and commanded from ERP mode. In all working modes, you can maintain a permanent connection with online banking programs for minimal use of customer codes and passwords, automatic printout of account statements can be set at the time of download, you can set up sending an email with the latest download transactions. Downloading account statements and recent transactions can be set up in any format made available by online banking programs, and in addition, Bancomatic can create a CSV file format with a common structure for all banks for easy import into  accounting applications and can create a MT940 file format for all banks, even for those who do not provide this format. Bancomatic allows for easy integration with accounting applications by providing a very simple procedure to order bank transaction download (first integration) and / or can deliver downloaded transactions to a web service provided by the accounting application (a second integration option)
  5. Automated mode- allows you to configure the automatic download of previous day, previous week and / or previous month's excerpts at a certain time of day, and download the latest bank transactions over a specific time frame (e.g., 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.) .)
  6. User commanded mode- the software robot provides the user with a menu with the following actions :                                                                                                                                        - Download transactions from a certain period,                                                                                 - Download the latest transactions,                                                                                                      - Download account statements for a certain period,                                                                      - Download account statements for the previous day,                                                                   - Download account statements for the previous week,                                                                 - Download account statements for the previous month                          Each action can be given for an account, for all accounts in a bank or for all accounts in the database.
  7. Commanded from ERP mode- Bancomatic allows for effortless integration with accounting applications by means of a command file exchange in an application-set folder or can transmit the latest download transactions to a web service provided by the accounting application.